Writing was my way of heading into the thick of the action

Don Simkovich sitting in front of laptop outdoors.

I was in early grade school when the NBC Nightly News splashed videos and images of the Vietnam War across the television screen. My parents were typically busy upstairs while I watched in our basement’s family room.

What intrigued me was how journalists could cover fights in the jungle and…

Compare to traditional roof installations and repairs

Google’s solar roof with 90,000 silver solar panels.

Google’s new solar roof at its Mountain View campus has 90,000 solar panels in a pattern resembling the scales of a dragon. The shape reduces glare so pilots and drivers passing by aren’t blinded by the reflection.

A report on Palmetto.com says that “the pavilion-like rooflines of Google’s new buildings…

I worried that I couldn’t get him help and he’d be right back on the streets

Picture of Highland, CA at sunset.

I’ve been writing on here about a man in his mid-30s who I’ve known since he was eleven years old — M. I should put his story in a chronological order so you can know his trauma as an infant.

That’s all the background I’ll give for now.

He’s been…

LCS Sioux City nabs a “go fast” speed boat with more than $20 million

A speed boat racing through the Caribbean was ferrying 1,110 pounds of cocaine but got its path to market stopped when crew from the LCS Sioux City gave chase.

The ship from the Navy’s 4th Fleet and a vessel from the Dominican Republic spotted the boat. A report in the…

Why Anthony Angelino didn’t leave the darkness even when his girlfriend warned him

Sara Alvarez wanted to attend nursing school and be the first in her family to graduate from college.

Anthony Angelino loved business, and from early beginnings in a vending machine route, he opened a legal cannabis operation in Los Angeles with the help and blessing of city council.

You’ve met…

Shipping companies will face hefty fees in Nov. if they don’t move containers

Get those containers loaded and rolling, says Port of LA board to shipping companies in a 4–0 vote to enact $100 a day per container fees, each day that containers sit on the docks.

The tariff was presented by Eugene Seroka, executive director of the port during a special session…

Don Simkovich, MA

Don is co-author of the Tom Stone Detective novels on Amazon and writes content for businesses. Visit www.donsimkovich.com / https://socalcontentwriting.com

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