A Cosmetic Dentist Who’s Won the Trust of Celebrities

Beverly Hills is one of the most competitive markets in the world for cosmetic dentistry and other personal health services. Dr. Sam Saleh of Ora Dentistry Spa has earned the trust of professionals, executives and celebrities in the area with his patient-centered dental spa concept.

What do you have to do to have an on-going professional practice that wins over clients like Tyra Banks who are in the public’s eye? For one thing, you have to heart and be a person who gives back as seen in the past segment from Tyra Banks’ talk show.

Embrace Excellence

You have to be at the top in your profession and that begins with a good foundation. Dr. Saleh chose dentistry as a profession while still a teen in London. His mentor was a man who showed him the compassionate side of dentistry and how healthy teeth benefit people.

Continuing education is one way to pursue excellence in a profession as Dr. Saleh has demonstrated with his various certifications. Artistry is another element that’s important and Dr. Saleh’s commitment is giving patients corrections to their teeth that blend in with their complexions and facial structure.

As Dr. Saleh says in his ebook A Red Carpet Smile that’s Right for You, cosmetic dentistry is highly technique sensitive. The equipment, as we’ll see, enhances what the professional already knows. It can’t replace that personal knowledge or ability.

Embrace Technology

Digital dentistry is available but most practices don’t implement CAD/CAM or other types of digital equipment that are proven accurate and effective. There are certain costs to invest in the latest technology and then there’s a learning curve. Students just coming out of dental school will be more likely to embrace a complete digital office while veterans of the profession are slower.

Dr. Saleh has led the way in the use of digital dentistry in Beverly Hills and the greater Los Angeles area.

Embrace the Patient

Fear of the dentist is real. When Dr. Saleh first started his practice, he loved the profession but knew most patients have anxiety when they go for visits. Then there’s the inconvenience of scheduling multiple visits to finish up a procedure.

Where do people like to visit? Spas. So he created a dental spa concept with all of the features aimed at offering an experience that is pain free and high quality.

Ora Dentistry Spa has the ambiance of a spa setting with patient rooms designed for relaxation and massages can be given during treatments. Yet, the work done to correct chipped and cracked teeth is serious and Dr. Saleh knows that a person’s confidence and self-esteem is at stake so the work must be done properly.

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