Create Your Content Messaging by Listening and Knowing

A clever ad hits TV, YouTube or you spot a memorable billboard along the freeway. Remember, Got Milk?

You’re the owner of a small but growing company or a marketing guru and decide that iconic smash hits are out of your league. Not true. Listen carefully to what you say, journal what you’re thinking, and know your value to create a foundation for high impact content marketing.

Spot Outdated Content

What about your print brochures? Sound like yesterday all over again?

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Don’t sweat what you’ll say. Try the next step. But first, grab a notebook. I like the one-dollar composition books available the 99 Cents Only stores.

Listen to Yourself

I was “listening to myself” not just based on my opinions but based on what I knew to be true about the organization. Listening helped me convey to the executive director our need to upgrade the marketing materials at the time.

Write Your Why, How, What

My personality is I like helping others and seeing results. I can do that as a content marketing writer. I ease the worries of marketing managers who need fresh content delivered on time or help companies gain new audience views that lead to sales.

A health consortium may exist to inspire and guide its members into a healthier lifestyle and prevent diseases from spreading.

How do you deliver your products or services?

What are the benefits for your customer?

A manufacturing company may use automation as its how and claim a zero defect rate in goods delivered to its business customers or retail outlets. Distributors enjoy satisfied customers from homeowners who don’t have to return kitchen cabinets or have counter-tops replaced.

I use a Personal Focus Group questionnaire to guide clients in thinking through their why, what they do, how they deliver and the resulting benefits to their customers.

Know the Audience

“How do I save my customers-clients time and money?”

“How do I help them become profitable?”

“How do I ease their worries or make their lives easier and help them to dream and achieve a wonderful experience?”

Answering these questions and delivering content based on meeting these needs is mission-critical. Delivering the answers through video, written text or direct mail can be done in the context of where they live, their income, and their behaviors.

Observe, Jot, Observe, Chat

Your mind will start working in a context that can produce on-target marketing messages. And who knows? Maybe you’ll create the next smash-hit slogan.

Don Simkovich, MA, writes content for companies including ghostwritten books, articles and long-form blog posts. Visit his website and his LinkedIn page.

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Don is co-author of the Tom Stone Detective novels on Amazon and writes content for businesses. Visit /

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