I made $19 in Sept … my third month. That’s up from $14 the month before and $16 in my first dedicated month. I wrote a dozen stories in Sept — more than the two previous months and I saw earnings from 18 of my stories.

Here’s what’s encouraging. From mid-June to end of July, I had about 17 people follow me. This past month, I’ve had 72 people follow.

Where I was around 600 plus reads for 30 days and getting a fan or so per day, I’ve been having 6 to 11 fans per day most recently and my reads are now around 1,100 for 30 days. I’m publishing almost once per day. So I see an upswing.

My goal is to publish 5 stories per week in publications and then another 5 in my own. I’ve not been able to do that yet. Got a novel launching … today. :)

Also, I’m not active in any of the Medium FB groups but I’ll find at least one.

I’m encouraged by your reports.

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Don is co-author of the Tom Stone Detective novels on Amazon and writes content for businesses. Visit www.donsimkovich.com / https://socalcontentwriting.com

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