It’s all about … The Algorithm … a mysterious force. Actually, I’m sure it’s based on some formula. But here’s the kicker. I wrote a few pieces in the past month or so that earned from $3 to $7 after they were initially published.

Each had like 50 plus views and 20 some reads … not sure how many claps. Then I wrote a marketing piece that jumped quickly to 144 reads shortly after it was uploaded in a publication and curated. I don’t know how many claps it had.

I was estimating that it could pull in from $15 to $25 … and it earned $ 1.91.

Why? No idea. The good news is that I retain copyright, of course, and can re-purpose or do a rewrite and re-sell somewhere else.

Algorithm has become a popular word for the online world … and I think opinion pieces that are fairly well-written do pretty good. But it does mean that quality pieces don’t always earn the most or rise to the top.

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Don is co-author of the Tom Stone Detective novels on Amazon and writes content for businesses. Visit /

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