I’ve written articles that have done extremely well, earning now $696 for an article I wrote in late Dec … and I have over 12,000 views and 9,000 or so reads on another article that got curated last week. I made over $300 in 4 days and I expect it will reach between $600 to $ 1,000 by the end of this month.

Those articles are under a pen name I use … because they deal with sensitive relational topics … spell that s-e- … you can probably guess. Articles I’ve written here that are well-written about marketing, parenting, etc chug along with several dollars earnings per month.

Both those got curated and I wouldn’t have guess that they would do so well.

Shelby wrote about an area of expertise and one that people want to know about. In the early days of Google Adsense, there was a guy who wrote posts about how to make tons of money with Google Adsense … and I believe he did.

Those days changed but readers are always wanting to know how to make money with various platforms. You’re right that she built up a following but it’s disheartening to see her results — I suggest you stress the principles that she used. You touch on them, but really stress them … such as consistency, etc and a popular topic — making money.

Can you also show success stories from people who aren’t YouTube stars before they hit Medium?

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Don is co-author of the Tom Stone Detective novels on Amazon and writes content for businesses. Visit www.donsimkovich.com / https://socalcontentwriting.com

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