Steps for designing a world-class business operation for professionals

The small business owner can compete and design a world-class business operation that gets noticed around the globe. There are important principles at play regardless of the industry. Knowing the profession, finding unique ways to help clients, and using the latest technologies combine to give a competitive edge.

Pursuing excellence in one’s profession is the foundation of building a respected professional practice and excellent business model. A dentist in Beverly Hills, Dr. Sam Saleh, studied in London at the prestigious King’s College and when he moved to Los Angeles he continued studies like many dental practitioners. However, he also invested in the digital dentistry tools and committed to a learning curve to implement the technology into his practice.

Create a positive experience for clients. People don’t mind paying for quality if top-notch service is being provided. Professionals who charge lower tier rates must see a large volume of clients or customers. If they don’t, they run the risk of not being profitable and this creates a vicious cycle where they can’t provide good service. Then they suffer a negative reputation.

When Dr. Saleh developed Ora Dentistry Spa he created a premium client experience for a couple of reasons. Fear of dentists is still real and is an excuse to not visit a dental practice. He wanted patients to feel comfortable. He designed the office with everything from gift bags to a drinks bar to ease any rattled nerves.

Professionals with small budgets who go to see clients at their offices can still provide a premium experience. Thank you cards go a long way as do gift certificates or even write-ups on company blogs. Find ways to develop relationships and cultivate those to win a loyal fan base.

Incorporate the latest technology into a practice. That might mean the cleanest email interface possible or an around the clock answering service so callers get a live voice. Look for the innovations developed that can be used to give clients accurate results and create a pleasant experience. Dr. Saleh has embraced the many elements of digital technology to provide same day service for crowns and implants. CAD CAM technology with 3D imaging gives accurate results that are sent to milling with implants or crowns created almost immediately. This cuts down on follow-up appointments and is much cleaner than traditional dentistry.

Can a local practice be truly world-class? Even solopreneurs and small business professionals like Dr. Saleh can earn an international customer base. He has clients from around the world who fly into LA and visit him at his Beverly Hills office. Communication technologies like Skype and rapid freight delivery are among the reasons that going international is a reality. Having a world-class operation isn’t just a fantasy. Like Dr. Saleh has discovered, if you work at it then it can be your reality.

Originally published at on April 30, 2016.

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