The Lasting Value of Skilled Cosmetic Dentistry

Or, don’t buy veneers on low price alone.

A cosmetic dentist’s price was too good to pass up but now you’re concerned. You have a white smile, but it’s too white. Like gleaming artificial. That may be fine for bathroom fixtures but it doesn’t fit in your mouth.

Dr. Sam Saleh of Ora Dentistry Spa has patients come to his office on a regular basis who need him to fix the mistakes that other professionals have made. In this age of digital dentistry where procedures are done with more precision than ever, how could dentists misjudge their work?

The digital dental office is not just a plug-and-play approach to technology. The profession is “technique sensitive,” says Dr. Saleh. “Poorly done work may seem less expensive up front on the initial visit. When patients come to us because they’ve experienced mistakes done by others then it gets expensive.”

Crowns not formed properly may have rough edges and catch a patient’s tongue. Colors on veneers may not appear natural and make teeth may look larger. There could be gaps between the upper and lower teeth that make chewing difficult.

Whitening procedures, too, are not just one and done. Dr. Saleh looks for patients to have a natural result that fits their features versus a “plastic fantastic” where the white is too gleaming.

“I have a keen eye for beauty,” says Dr. Saleh, “and there’s a fine line between looking beautiful and appearing artificial. Procedures have to be done correctly and when they are the cost actually comes out to be very cheap.”

Work that’s performed well will last for 20 years and even up to 40 years in some cases. Dr. Saleh notes that ceramic and porcelain implants can literally last decades and there are no set timelines like there are for procedures like silicon implants.

Procedures in cosmetic dentistry can be done within a day, but the value of work that’s done properly can last a lifetime.

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