Using Your Why to Create Marketing Messages

Why are you in business? To make money. Okay. But why are you in the business that you’re in?

Answers to that second question provide a pathway to drilling deep and creating fabulous content that will attract the audience who wants to do business with you.

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If you’re a real estate agent, you’re in the business of buying and selling homes. But think about the impact that a home’s transaction can have on a family.

Why are you in this business versus any other line of work?

Why should a person or a family trust that you will find them the right home or the right buyer?

Here’s an answer that I received when writing a bio for a real estate agent. He had been a real estate investor and struggled with the poor customer service that was widespread in the industry. He remembered when his parents bought their first house and how important it was so he decided to become an agent, educate buyers and sellers, and develop a reputation for unparalleled customer service.

Breaking Down Answers to Why

#1 He had personal experience with the real estate industry as a home buyer and as an investor. Something went wrong and he saw a need in the marketplace and was confident he could fill that need.

Filling an identifiable need is a logical reason for starting a business.

#2 He had a personal connection — a true warm and fuzzy story that’s important in the real estate industry. I don’t tell the story in its entirety but it was a big deal for his parents to finally purchase a home when he was in his teens. It marked an achievement for them.

Creating Marketing Messages

Take those two elements and create long-form blog posts, articles, social media posts, direct mail, bios, online profiles, brochures and possibly press releases.

An example of a long-form article could focus on what a home seller or buyer should expect in terms of customer service.

Will the agent be available to answer all questions and set expectations?

Knowledge of all aspects of the neighborhood will come into play as well. Schools, restaurants, recreation, proximity to highways and freeways for commuting all impact potential buyers in addition to the obvious selling price and financial terms.

An agent’s personal blog could delve into the local atmosphere and environment and include interviews with restaurant owners and other local business owners.

Social media posts can distill the answers, using images and video clips to reinforce the message and link back to the main article.

The Why is Fuel

A clearly stated why fuels a content marketing thrust. I offer clients a Personal Focus Group questionnaire to uncover the most salient points while also looking up competitor messaging and industry best practices.

The information drives the creative angle.

I wrote blog posts for an automation trade association for a few years so why did they exist? To act as a global resource for updates regarding industrial, and later, consumer automation. The organization served as an umbrella agency for three other organizations specializing in robotics, machine vision, and motor control.

Organizing the Why with an Editorial Calendar

When I’m writing on-going blog posts and articles for clients, I use a simple editorial calendar that typically gives four categories — one per week — to guide the writing of blog posts and articles.

The categories are general so there’s flexibility in writing about a topic.

For a busy chiropractor in Los Angeles, one of the weeks dealt with the nervous system and another one focused on a healthy lifestyle.

I created categories for the automation association that dealt with: member benefits, automation in action (industrial automation), consumer automation, and advocacy / industry updates.

If writer’s block ever strikes, or you can’t figure out what to write, always go back to the Why. It’s like your north star that leads you to write compelling content.

Don Simkovich, MA, creates content for growing companies and busy professionals. Visit his website or connect with him on LinkedIn.

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